Its personal when something dear to you is lost, stolen or damaged. Your house, your car, your jewellery, your sports goods or your art collection they all matter to you and we assist you to protect them with our bespoke, comprehensive and high-quality insurance products. We might not always be able to get back that unique item, but we ease the loss by enabling you to replace it with something equally special.

It’s also personal when you need to deal with us. Our friendly, skilled and efficient staff is waiting to hear from you. Whether it’s to give you a quote or to lodge your claim you can do that face-to-face or over the telephone with your personal client advocate. If you choose to you can also do it online or via email.

We develop and offer to you unique and flexible products that cover against unexpected loss or damage caused by everything from theft to natural events like storms, fires earthquakes, hail and even accidental damage.


We know that your vehicle and your home are two of the largest assets you will acquire in your lifetime. We know that protecting your home and assets from criminals and unpredictable weather patterns is often beyond your control and protecting your vehicle from accidental damage on our congested roads is becoming increasingly challenging.

We know that insurance is often the only way of protecting yourself against financial losses incurred through accidental damage or losses as a result of theft, fire or third-party liability.

We know that the decision of what to insure and where to insure is an impossibly difficult one for the man in the street who is faced with a barrage of adverts featuring numerous insurance products boasting different covers, extensions, limits, benefits, add-ons, pricing, service and reliability. We know of many people who have been (caught unaware/seriously disappointed…) when they suffer a loss and their product is ultimately put to the test and falls short.

We know that what you need is someone who understands what is available in the market, who will firstly listen to what it is you believe you need in terms of your lifestyle and what it is you can afford and then match you up with the most appropriate product. We know that “someone” who will talk you through the pro’s and con’s and suggest ways of minimizing any downside and ways of managing your risk. We know that it’s far better to be forewarned and forearmed.

We know where to find this someone who is immersed in the industry, who is FAIS accredited and has your best interest at heart.

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